We Have Better Benefits That Can Help You Save More!

Some potential customers will ask, "Why should I use USHoldMail.com instead of using the USPS directly?" The answer is simple- we make placing your mail on hold painless and easier than anywhere else. We remove many USPS restrictions, offer advanced scheduling capabilities not available through the USPS, and have a trained support staff to help you with the process, so you get all the USPS offers and more. Compare the benefits below to see all the advantages of working with USHoldMail.com!

Value Package

Official USPS

USPS Hold Mail Request

Our service includes free unlimited hold mail requests for one year, with no restriction.

Hold Mail Requests for Any Start Date.

While the USPS limits you to hold mail requests within the next 30 days, we allow you to make a request for any date, no matter how far in the future. Great for people who plan in advance!

No Limit on Number of Hold Mail Requests

While the USPS limits you to only one request per address, we allow you to make multiple requests at once, a great perk for frequent travelers who can do everything at once and not have to worry about it again.

Phone & Email Support

We're here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, by phone or email. Contact us any time!